Simple and powerful features

Everything you need to drive business growth is right at your fingertips.

Simple & quick

It takes only a few minutes to set up a program

Detailed Analytics

In marketing, it is important is to keep track of data. That’s why we provide all necessary metrics to help you achieve your goals.

Public programs

Increase the visibility of your program by making them accessible to all Couponise users

Customizable coupons

Customize the rewards, give away free products/services, or offer a fixed credit or discount on the next service.

Easy validation

Validate the rewards and purchases simply with your camera.

Simple sharing

Share the link of the program with your customers on social media, or share the QR code of your program

Tons of backgrounds

Customize your program with a background that reflects your business style

Company details at a glance

Your opening hours, instagram and facebook page will be visible on the program card

Effortless referrals

Referral program members can quickly and easily share their referral message with friends