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The right marketing app to start loyalty or referral campaigns for your business. Create campaigns and let your customers help you grow your business!

Why to use Couponise?

Features overview


Simple and quick campaign creation

Create different loyalty or referral campaigns in just a few steps.

Customizable coupons

Customize the rewards, give away free products/services, or offer a fixed credit or discount on the next service.

Public campaigns

Get more eyes on your campaigns by making them public to anyone using Couponise. Anyone can join in to try and earn your offered reward!

It is simple

Everything on your phone, no other platform needed.


Custom backgrounds

To better suit your unique business style or logo, you can choose a custom background for your coupons.

Detailed Analytics

In marketing, it is important is to keep track of data. That’s why we provide all necessary metrics to help you achieve your goals.


This is how it works


Create a campaign

Start a loyalty or referral campaign with Couponise

Invite members

Invite your customers via a message or let them join via the QR code of the campaign

Validate the coupons or purchases

Validate the coupons or the purchases with the camera

Measure success

Check your campaign analytics regularly to see how many new customers you’ve received or how many new products/service have been purchased!

Do you have a question?

Frequently asked questions

What is the benefit of a loyalty or referral campaign?
With a loyalty or referral campaign, you have the opportunity to rely on your existing customers and offer them something new. You can involve them in growing your business by rewarding them for spreading the word about your company and for their loyalty. With Couponise, you can increase your brand identity and the relationship you have with your customers.
How can people join my campaign to become members?
As an owner of a campaign, you can invite members personally via a message with an invite link, or you can download the QR code of the campaign and display it somewhere. New members will be able to join even if they haven’t downloaded Couponise yet. The link or code automatically redirects them to the app store, and after they register, they will automatically join your campaign.
What is a loyalty campaign?
In loyalty campaigns, your customers receive a reward after making a specific amount of purchases. With Couponise, the customers will receive a stamp after each purchase. If they collect the required amount of stamps, they will automatically receive a coupon to your business.
What is a referral campaign?
In referral campaigns, your customers receive a reward after they successfully refer their friends to your business. Their friends also immediately receive a coupon to your business to ensure they show up.
How can the referral campaign members refer their friends?
Similarly to the campaign invitation, they can send their friends a coupon link via a message. By opening this link, their friends receive a coupon to your business.
How can the coupons and purchases be validated?
You can verify them with your camera in Couponise, by scanning the QR code of the coupon or the membership.